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One of the things I love about Jack Potter is that he always gets me to do more than I think I can do! I arrived on Jacks door with some physical limitations and balance challenges. This is someone who cares about his clients and knows just how to bring them along one step at a time so they are not overwhelmed. It is so exciting to see the progress you can make with great guidance, support and confidence in your superior and dedicated trainer. What is more, Jack has a wonderful impish sense of humor that makes it fun. You work hard, you work smart and you work with heart! For someone who is maybe not in the best shape, Jack takes the intimidation factor out of the equation. You can trust him and know that you will advance at a pace that makes sense for you. Jack has changed how I live my life and I will be his client for a long time to come!

Jackie Lapin

Although I have been working out for many years and have always been health conscious Jack through his coaching has made a change in my life. He taught me how what you eat and how you train go hand in hand. He takes the time to educate his clients so that they can get the best results possible. Jack also really cares about his clients.

Anita Lovasi



What an amazing effect Jack has had on my health! When I can't make it out of the SF valley for a one on one, we do a phone session. Jack is an excellent motivator. Before, I was just making progress with my weight loss. Now I'm super charged! Thanks Jack, you're the best!

Zack Ford

Jack Potter has been my trainer now a little over two years. I've been seeing him on average two or three times a week. I am 55 years old and, with Jack's training, help, and guidance, I have greatly improved my core strength, as well as overall body strength, and reduced my body fat to less than 22 percent. I have also seen my bone density increase; something my doctor is very glad to see.

I have worked with other trainers and watched many more trainers. None have come close to the dedication and commitment Jack has to his clients and his work. I have learned about correct exercise posture (and why it is correct), with "lessons" on anatomy; varieties of workouts and how and why it is necessary to cycle through different types of workouts (e.g., stability, strength, hypertrophy); and good nutrition (always a favorite topic of his). He can always direct me to resources for further information on nutrition and working out; and if I ask a question he cannot answer (which is extremely are), he will find out the answer. He is very patient with my asking him the same questions over and over again.

I have also learned that I will never push myself as hard as Jack will push me. My workouts require more of me than I ever thought I could possibly do, both mentally and physically, and I am amazed at what I can now do.

I have a great deal of respect for Jack's abilities as a trainer and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about taking care of their health and fitness. In fact, I recommended Jack to my sister-in-law, who now sees Jack three times a week, and she thanks me for getting her started with Jack every time we talk.

Thanks, Jack.


Paige Moser

I started working out with Jack Potter my trainer about 4-years ago. We work together on average 2 1/2 times per week. Without his help, I would not have had a clue of what I should be doing in a gym other than using machines, which I really did not know how to use. He is an amazing gentleman. He is part disciplinarian, part comedian, and part cheerleader. And, I need him to play all three roles.

My physical agility skill level was low (very low!). I have never been particularly coordinated, (I was able to tie my shoes, ride a bike, climb up trees, and play softball, but I could not walk and chew gum at the same time). I do not think I realized all of the things that I should be able to do and could not do. There are many things that I still cannot do, but there are more that I can now do. After my first year, I could balance on one foot (something I absolutely could not do), jump up a step (something that I was afraid to do as much as unable to do), and other exercises that were based on core balance. Now after 4-years, I do strength and conditioning exercises. I have done a squat with a 125 pound weight. That is incredible.

I laugh a lot when Jack shows me how to do something new because I believe that he is crazy to think I will be able to accomplish the task. He lets me laugh and then encourages me to give my best effort. I usually do give my best effort because I know that Jack, the gentle disciplinarian, will show up if I do not try.

It is a good thing that Jack tries to make my workout fun, because, I really did not like working out at all. When I first started everyone told me that I would enjoy going to the gym. They also said that working out would feel good. It took me awhile to feel good after working out. At that point, I truly realized that Jack is a very successful trainer for me. Not only has he trained my body to do certain things, he has brain washed my mind to think I actually like working out. That is success.

Even though this is a bit tongue in cheek, I am really serious about how much Jack has helped me. I am so much stronger and have a better sense of balance than I had even in my 20s. I also look a lot better. I have lost several inches over most areas of my body. He continues to encourage me to watch my diet as well.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work that Jack has done with me. He is a great trainer and I am lucky to have him training me. I am also very happy that Jack is working independently. I like working out in the quiet environment that he provides. Jack is meticulous in caring for his equipment and keeping the work out area clean.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Ashim

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